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Kilmarnock, Virginia Refresh Grant 2021

A fresh new look is in store for shoppers in Kilmarnock. Thirty-seven property owners and businesses in Kilmarnock have been awarded up to a maximum of $2,500 each to improve the exterior appearance of their building or store front. Façade improvement projects are expected to generate upwards of $200,000 private investment and approximately $75,000 in grant reimbursement from the Town of Kilmarnock. “Refresh Kilmarnock is intended to provide opportunity and economic growth by providing a strong visual impact from the street so that shoppers want to spend time and money here,” said economic development coordinator Sharon Phillips.

The Façade Refreshment Program grant program is intended to enhance the curb appeal of participating businesses. Improvements include fresh paint, replacement of awnings, new signs, decals, landscaping, and other improvements that provide a strong visual impact from the street. The grant program was initially launched in May 2021 and the application deadline was July 31, 2021. “This program has been well-received so far, so we wanted to encourage others in town to take part in this opportunity to refresh their exteriors so we can continue to build on the momentum that it has created along Main Street and beyond,” said Jeff Szyperski Jr. of the downtown consultancy, ReThink Main Street. ReThink Main Street was instrumental in the kick off of the Refresh Kilmarnock grant program. A few businesses in the Steptoe District have completed their renovations and many others are hard at work beautifying their store fronts. All work associated with the grant program must be completed by December 31, 2021 so, shoppers are sure to notice the improvements over the next few months.