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Permits, Licensing and Forms

The Planning and Zoning Department assists developers, engineering firms, business and residential owners with land use and site projects. Here you will find all of the forms and permits needed for projects.

Development Processes

Large Scale Projects are projects that typically involve multi-jurisdictional reviews and approvals. Large projects may require special processes and can take some time to be finalized. In-depth engineered site plans and studies are commonly associated with larger-scale projects. Subdivisions and commercial developments are good examples. Click her for Kilmarnock’s Utilities Design Standards.

Small Scale Projects are projects that typically can be reviewed and approved by administrative processes and usually do not take long to finalize. A single-family home, garage, or fence are examples.

Useful organizations relative to the development process:

Lancaster County Building Office
Northumberland County Building Office
Virginia Department of Transportation
Virginia Department of Environmental Quality

The Virginia Enterprise Zone Program, administered by the Virginia Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD), assists with business development and expansion in specially targeted areas throughout the state called Enterprise Zones.

Contact us with any questions and concerns regarding this department.


Marshall A. Sebra Planning/Zoning Director
804-435-1552 ext. 2