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Real Estate and Personal Property

Like many other towns in Virginia, the Town of Kilmarnock provides additional public services such as police protection, street lighting and general maintenance. The town funds these types of services through taxation.

Real estate and personal property taxes are billed annually in November and are due in December of each year. Payments after the due date are assessed a 10% penalty. Delinquent payments as of July 1st are assessed 8% interest annually.

Real Estate Rate: Tax Year 2024 Rates are per $100 are $.0937 of assessed value

Personal Property Rate: Tax Year 2024 Rates are $.16 per $100 of assessed value

Kilmarnock participates in a program with Lancaster and Northumberland counties for real estate tax relief for qualified individuals. Please contact the appropriate County office for more information.

Lancaster County Commissioner of Revenue:

Marlon Savoy
8311 Mary Ball Road, Suite 203
Lancaster, VA 22503
Phone: (804) 462-7920

Northumberland County Commissioner of Revenue:

Todd E. Thomas
P.O. Box 309
Heathsville VA 22473
Phone: (804) 580-4600
Phone: (804) 580-7612 (land records)
Email: tthomas@co.northumberland.va.us

Meals and Lodging Tax

The local consumer meals tax is 5.0%. Businesses selling prepared food are required to register and pay meals tax monthly for items sold the prior month. The meals tax remittance is due by the 20th of the month for items sold in the prior month.

The lodging tax is 8.0%. Lodging businesses must register and pay taxes on the prior month’s collections. The lodging tax remittance is due by the 20th of the month for the prior month’s collections.

On line payments for meals and lodging tax are not available at this time.

Cigarette Tax

Retail locations selling cigarettes must acquire a local tax stamp. The tax rate is $.30 per pack. For information on this, please contact the town office.

Contact us with any questions and concerns regarding this department.


Judy Stevens Treasurer
804-435-1552 ext. 5