Tickets are now available  for 2nd Soul on June 15.

Town Hall will be closed Monday June 19th for Juneteenth. It will reopen Tuesday June 20th at 9am.

Kilmarnock Fire Relief Fund

As many know, our peaceful community in Kilmarnock was recently turned upside down on April 19th, 2022 with a devastating fire. This unimaginable event not only destroyed local businesses but displaced members of our community and took everything they owned. Tragically, this fire also took the life of a community member; our thoughts and prayers are with this family today, tomorrow and forever. The compassion and generosity that has been shown by this community is admirable and Kilmarnock is truly a special place to live and call home.
Here is information on how you can help!  
Kilmarnock Relief Fund for Displaced Residents:
How you can help:
1) Financial donations may be made directly to River Counties Community Foundation with “Kilmarnock Fire Relief” in the memo line.
Send Checks to:
River Counties Community Foundation
White Stone, VA 22578
2.) Donate online: Here
3.) Gift Cards – Lancaster County Department of Social Services is also accepting donated gift cards. Please list the amount on the card.
4.) Purchase a #kilmarnockstrong t-shirt from Horn’s Ace Hardware on School Street- all proceeds will go to the victims of the Kilmarnock fire. THESE ARE NOW SOLD OUT.
Stacey Kellum Fund:
This is how to help the family:
A fund has been established at Chesapeake Bank for Stacey Kellum to help his family cover funeral expenses. Update: funeral expenses have been covered by the generosity of our community.
1.)You may go to the bank and make your donations.
2. Donate online: HERE
Kilmarnock Rebuild Fund for Businesses: 
If you are interested in helping these businesses get reestablished and want to donate, here’s how you can help:
Financial donations may be made directly to “Kilmarnock Rebuild”.
Checks should be dropped off at the following Blue Ridge Bank branches: Kilmarnock, White Stone, Callao, Montross, Warsaw and Hartfield.
Mail Checks to:
Blue Ridge Bank
PO Box 1869
Kilmarnock VA 22482
Attn: William Smith, Kilmarnock Rebuild
At this time, an online link is not available. All monies will be directed to the affected businesses. These contributions will not receive a tax deduction letter.
**If you are doing a fundraiser please email to be added to this page.**