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Kilmarnock Fire Relief Fund

As many know, our peaceful community in Kilmarnock was recently turned upside down on April 19th, 2022 with a devastating fire. This unimaginable event not only destroyed local businesses but displaced members of our community and took everything they owned. Tragically, this fire also took the life of a community member; our thoughts and prayers are with this family today, tomorrow and forever. The compassion and generosity that has been shown by this community is admirable and Kilmarnock is truly a special place to live and call home.
Here is information on how you can help!  
Kilmarnock Relief Fund for Displaced Residents:
How you can help:
1) Financial donations may be made directly to River Counties Community Foundation with “Kilmarnock Fire Relief” in the memo line.
Send Checks to:
River Counties Community Foundation
White Stone, VA 22578
2.) Donate online: Here
3.) Gift Cards – Lancaster County Department of Social Services is also accepting donated gift cards. Please list the amount on the card.
4.) Purchase a #kilmarnockstrong t-shirt from Horn’s Ace Hardware on School Street- all proceeds will go to the victims of the Kilmarnock fire. THESE ARE NOW SOLD OUT.
Stacey Kellum Fund:
This is how to help the family:
A fund has been established at Chesapeake Bank for Stacey Kellum to help his family cover funeral expenses. Update: funeral expenses have been covered by the generosity of our community.
1.)You may go to the bank and make your donations.
2. Donate online: HERE
Kilmarnock Rebuild Fund for Businesses: 
If you are interested in helping these businesses get reestablished and want to donate, here’s how you can help:
Financial donations may be made directly to “Kilmarnock Rebuild”.
Checks should be dropped off at the following Blue Ridge Bank branches: Kilmarnock, White Stone, Callao, Montross, Warsaw and Hartfield.
Mail Checks to:
Blue Ridge Bank
PO Box 1869
Kilmarnock VA 22482
Attn: William Smith, Kilmarnock Rebuild
At this time, an online link is not available. All monies will be directed to the affected businesses. These contributions will not receive a tax deduction letter.
**If you are doing a fundraiser please email to be added to this page.**