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Kilmarnock, VirginiaFood Vendor Application for Music on the Half Shell at Town Centre Park

Food Vendor Application for Music on the Half Shell at Town Centre Park

  • Dear Vendor,

    Town Centre Park is excited to introduce Music on the Half Shell Stage return! Please contact Ashley for this years music dates. You will need to be inspected and ready to sell at 5:45PM. The park will be open all day, so please just let me know your arrival time.

    This year we would like to offer families appropriate family menus as well as prices. Please keep that in mind as you plan your menu and what you are offering.

    Attached you will find our application and the department of health application for our events. Please return the town application to Ashley Jones and the health application to the Lancaster Health Department as soon as possible. If you have any questions please contact myself at 804-435-1552 Ex. 30 or

    Thank you,
    Ashley Jones

    By registering for this event vendors agree to all terms listed below.
    • Vendors will be required to place a hold deposit of $50.
    • In-order to participate in these events it is required you be at all events.
    • All vendors will be placed in the vendor lot no matter the climate conditions.
    • Absolutely no food or drink vendors will be allowed in the plaza.
    • Vendors will supply all materials for set up.
    • Under no circumstance is a vendor allowed to touch or operate breaker boxes.
    • If you have electric issues find the event leader or a town staffer.
    Limited availability for electricity; and may not be an option. So please have another option or source. Generators permitted but must be noted on application.
    • Removal of trash is your responsibility and will not be removed by any town staff. Trash shouldn’t be placed in town garbage bins nor placed in visible areas where the public can see it.
    • We will label potable water locations and where you can dump dishwashing materials or other waters for future events.
    • At no time is any type of substance allowed to be dumped in grass or surrounding areas.
    No ice is available. You will need to provide your own. Potable water is available.
    • Set up times and location will be assigned.
    • All vendor spaces must be occupied at all times during the event.
    • Specific vendor parking will be assigned. Vendor parking may be available on the park site but not guaranteed due to high volume demand.
    • To avoid repeat menus at the event, vendors are required to submit their proposed menu with their application; in the event of duplication, menus will be approved on a first come first served basis.
    • Vendors must carry their own product liability insurance and provide the Town of Kilmarnock with a copy of their Certificate of Liability Insurance with the application. The Certificate of Insurance must list the Town of Kilmarnock as additional insured.
    Vendors must secure a VA Dept. of Health temporary vending license. This must be obtained prior to the event and submitted to the Town of Kilmarnock. All vendors are responsible for their own inspection by the VA Dept. of Health on the day of the event.
    Vendors are required to have Town of Kilmarnock business licenses. There are two options: 1) for existing license holders: you must collect and remit the 5% meals tax on gross sales of prepared foods or 2) obtain a single day food vendors license ($50) and are not required to remit the meals tax.
    • Sales Tax collection and payment is solely the responsibility of each vendor.

    All vendor applications are subject to the Town of Kilmarnock’s review and approval.
    Dates of Concert Series: Please contact Ashley for Dates.
  • Space is limited and no adjustments will be made day of event. All space will be reserved at the discretion of the Town of Kilmarnock. There is a $50 deposit to hold your space, once approved. This will be refunded at the end of the concert series.

    I have read and accept all terms and conditions of this application and fully understand if any condition is broken it may affect your hold deposit.