Scottie Yard, Kilmarnock’s Dog Park

The Park is open for business in  Kilmarnock Town Centre Park! There are 4 parking spaces at the Dog Park entrance off of Town Centre Drive.  We have a large dog yard and a small dog yard for play. Dog poop bags are freely available at the entrance. Be sure to scoop your dog’s poop for everyone’s cleanliness and safety.

Scotty, Official Spokes Dog

Just a few words from Scotty, our Spokes Dog about rules for using the Park. Check out Scotty’s Facebook page and become his friend for more words of wisdom.

Hours are dawn to dusk. Please use Scottie Yard at your own risk.

Never been to a Dog Park?

Are you and your dog new to dog parks? If so, you may want to start off slow. Familiarize yourself with how the area works and its posted rules. Make your first visit to the Dog Park without your dog or come to the park when there are fewer dogs in the park. Let your dog become familiar with the surroundings. Your dog will be happier if you ease him into the dog park experience. If your dog is not socialized, you will need to exercise extra caution. If your dog becomes aggressive towards other dogs or people, you should leave the park and perhaps try again on another day. Scotty says, “the humans are responsible.”

Double-Gated Entry

The double-gated entry is designed as a staging area to unleash your dog. After you enter the first gate, be sure to close it behind you. Next, unleash your dog(s) in the staging area. You are now ready to open the inner gate and enter the park. Dogs on leashes sometimes feel threatened, so it is important to unleash them before you enter the dog area. You go inside with your dog, please do not leave your friend unattended.

When you leave the park, reverse the procedure. Make sure your dogs are properly leashed when you leave the park.

Watch out for kids

Dogs and children are not always a good mix at a dog park.  No children age 12 or under are allowed within the fenced areas. If you are a parent with children in the dog park, please be aware of your child’s behavior. Children can sometimes cause unnecessary stress in dogs. Allowing your child to pet an unknown dog is not advised. Further, do not let you child attempt to pick up any dog in the park. Some dogs do not like to be picked up and will become defensive.

If you are a dog owner, please remind parents with children to be extremely cautious. Even though your dog may be friendly, be extremely cautious when children are in the park. Not all dogs are accustomed to children. It may be necessary to remind children (in a nice voice, of course) that this is a dog park and not a petting zoo.

Is your dog having a bad day?

If your dog is having trouble getting along with another dog or dogs, then perhaps you should leave the park and come back when it is less crowded. Some humans don’t like other humans. The same can be true for dogs. Please, no puppies under 4 months of age or female dogs in heat are allowed.

No Food – No Food – No Food

People food in the dog park is a bad idea. Not only will you have dogs begging, but dogs will sometimes fight over food. This is so easy to avoid. Leave people food at home or in your car. Don’t bring it into the park. Dog treats are fine.

Scoop the poop and Keep the park clean!

Mutt-mitts are provided, so it’s up to you to clean up after your dog. If you come across “something” that was forgotten, please be a good citizen and pick it up. That goes for digging too. If your dog digs, please pack the dirt back in place.

Please remember  to observe the posted rules! Complaints about you and your dog threaten the success of the dog park.