Kilmarnock’s Town Centre Park



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November 2016

Groundbreaking October 5, 2016

Job Opening: Special Events Coordinator

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Low Bidder in Construction Bids Announced

David B. Nice Builders of Williamsburg, VA was the low builder at $2.763 million. Nice was also the general contractor on Lancaster County’s new courthouse building.


Kilmarnock Presentation Board overview

While engineering work is underway, here are new looks, done to scale, within the Town Centre Park. Below is the birds eye view of the park.

Kilmarnock_01_Birds eye

This is the entrance off of N. Main Street with the colonnade behind.


A close up of the colonnade. It is an open sided structure and can have many uses: central gathering place, a ticket center, drive up farmers’ market, vendor locations.





Two views of the central plaza. Suitable for special events, a music venue & can hold several 10 x 10′ vendor tents.



This is the view from the central plaza area looking towards the amplitheater.


The  view below is from the stage of the amplitheater looks back towards N. Main Street. There is a large paved area in front of the stage and three rows of terraced seating with blanket seating behind that. The colonnade is in the center; bath house to the right.





The view below is of the play  and picnic area to the left of the central plaza. Straight ahead is the splash pad area and behind that, the bath house with restrooms. A splash pad is much like a fountain but flush with the surface.

Kilmarnock_08_play field






Here is the splash pad area looking from Main Street.







This view is of the playground.







Engineering Begins

November, 2015: Town Council authorizes engineering documents to be developed for all aspects of the park. These documents will be used for construction bids in 2016.

New Signage Arrives

July, 2015: The engineering for the Kilmarnock Town Centre Park is underway and new signs are out showing the locations of the various features. The smaller sign is on the location of the central plaza feature-the heart of the park.

coming soon sign-web amphiltheater location sign web

Town Park has an Official Name

April, 2015: “The Kilmarnock Town Centre Park” is the culmination of several reviews to give the site an official name. It reflects Town Centre Drive which runs along the southern most side of the property and indicates the central location of the park. Congratulations to all involved!

Creating a New Park on North Main Street

The Town of Kilmarnock owns an area of land consisting of approximately 9 acres located on N. Main Street and near the center of town.  Currently, this property is relatively undeveloped, only containing a community dog park and serving as a location for various events. Click here for a map of the location.

Kilmarnock  launched a process to create a  master plan and implementation plan for this site. The town wanted this process be one of significant community involvement and developed based on the needs and desires of the community at large. The end result would deliver a phased approach to a defined set of features at the site. Together with town staff and a community management team, the team  lead the processes of 1) defining the purpose of the park 2) creating processes for community input and involvement  3) delivering a phased sequence of deliverables and 4) cost estimates.

Final Concept Drawing

final conceptual plan 11 2014

This drawing depicts the final concepts endorsed by the community management team and presented to Town Council for their endorsement.  Key features are an amphitheater, play areas for children, adults and dogs, a multi-use, open sided structure, picnic areas and a splash pad plus infrastructure elements of parking and restrooms.

The “splash pad” is a water feature for play much like a fountain. The water is recirculated and reused. The central feature is an amphitheater with a plaza and drop off area to the front front. This plaza area can have multiple uses such as the Town’s holiday tree or a tourism feature such as a Virginia LOVE Works sculpture. The open sided structure or “colonnade” is intended for seasonal events such as fairs, produce markets or other community events.

For more details on the recommendation and the methodology the community management team used, please view the Site Master Plan Report. This is an exciting amenity for the entire community to enjoy and one that continues to place Kilmarnock as a vibrant place to live, work and enjoy!

For more details see  the Site Master 11 2014 or  call Marshall Sebra at 804.435.1552 x32 or