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Mae P. Umphlett


Term Ends June 2022

  • Ex-Officio member of all Committees

Rebecca T. Nunn
Vice Mayor


Term Ends June 2020

  • Admin & Finance, Chair
  • Water Wastewater

Alice Cooper


Term Ends June 30, 2020

  • Committees TBD

Emerson Gravatt


Term Ends June 2022

  • Admin & Finance
  • Police, Public Safety, & Emergency Preparedness, Chair
  • Economic Development

Dr. Curtis H. Smith


Term Ends June 2022

  • Admin & Finance
  • Streets \ Sidewalks\ Playgrounds
  • Economic Development, Chair
  • Water Wastewater

Les Spivey


Term Ends June 2022

  • Planning Commission Liaison
  • Water Wastewater

Michael T. Sutherland


Term Ends June 2020

  • Admin & Finance
  • Water Wastewater, Chair
  • Streets\Sidewalks\Playgrounds

Alice Cooper Appointed to Town Council

The Town of Kilmarnock’s Town Council has appointed Alice Cooper to fill the vacated seat of Keith Butler. Ms. Cooper will serve through June 30, 2020. This seat is on the docket for the May, 2020 election.

Ms. Cooper is currently the Executive Director of the Lancaster Community Library and previously served as the Northumberland County Library Director. Alice is a graduate of Kent State University with a Bachelor of Music Education,  received her Masters in Music from New England Conservatory and holds a Masters in Library Science from the University of Pittsburgh.

We welcome Ms. Cooper to the Town Council,


Both Town Council and Planning Commission meetings are filmed and then posted for viewing approximately 1-2 business days following the meeting. Visit Kilmarnock, VA to view the official meeting videos. This is a FREE service.

Public Hearings

There are no current public hearings scheduled

Town Council: How it Works

With this form of government, the town council as a whole has control over administration or operation of the town. The town council, composed of the mayor and six council members, is elected at large by the popular vote of the qualified voters of Kilmarnock. There are no precincts for the purpose of Town elections.

The Kilmarnock mayoral role is directly elected and holds the position for a 4 year term. The mayor presides over the monthly Town Council meetings and votes in the case of a tie. Each Town Council member is elected to a 4 year term and within the Town Council, the terms are staggered, three standing for election every two years.

The council possesses both legislative and executive authority. The council may appoint officials (Planning Commissioners, as an example) and approves mayoral nominations. The Town Council creates and appoints members to subcommittees on various topics to conduct the Towns business and make recommendations to the larger Council body. The Council exercises primary control over the municipal budget.

The town council (including the mayor) appoints a town manager who supervises and coordinates the various departments throughout town hall and acts as the director of public utilities. The town manager is vested with the administrative and executive powers of the town and holds office at the pleasure of the council. The manager prepares the budget for the councils consideration and makes reports and recommendations to the town council.

Kilmarnock has five subcommittees that meet monthly: Administration and Finance; Economic Development; Police, Public Safety &Emergency Preparedness; Streets, Sidewalks and Playgrounds; Water and Sewer. Each subcommittee has a council member as the chair, one or more additional members and is supported by the town staff. All meetings are open to the public with a schedule posted on this website.

The Town Council meets at 7:00 p.m. on the third Monday of every month at the Town Hall at 1 N. Main Street. The public is welcome and encouraged to attend. Click here for directions. Please refer to the meeting schedule link below for the official list of meeting dates. Click here for the current months Town Council meeting agenda.

Requests Under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)

Any requests filed under FOIA should be addressed to the Town’s Designated FOIA Officer below.


Susan Cockrell Town Manager
804-435-1552 ext.25