Town Hall is open from 9:00am – 5:00pm. Enter from West Church Street entrance ONLY. You will be temperature screened upon entering the building.  All citizens will be required to wear a face covering inside government buildings as mandated by the Governor’s Executive Order 63 and social distancing must be maintained.  We will have masks available.

Triangle Trolley

The Triangle Trolley operates a 1 hour route between Kilmarnock, Irvington and White Stone. The air conditioned, 26 passenger trolley is a great way to see the area, shop or dine between the three towns. It is a huge hit with the younger set.

Sponsored by the three Towns, the on board advertisers and Bay Transit, the trolley operates from Memorial Day weekend until the first weekend in October.

Fridays: 4 pm-10 pm
Saturdays: 9 am-10 pm
Sundays on holiday weekends: varies by year

The fare is a nominal 50 cents per person each time you board.


Time is minutes each hour i.e. 0:22 is 22 minutes after the hour

0:00 Kilmarnock @ Best Western
0:05 Kilmarnock @ Lancaster Middle School/ K’k Antique Mall
0:11 Historic Christ Church (NO FRIDAY STOPS)
0:15 Irvington @ The Dog and Oyster Vineyard
0:20 Irvington @ Steamboat Era Museum + Farmers Market
0:22 Irvington @ Tides Inn
0:25 Irvington@ Irvington Baptist Church
0:30 White Stone @ Country Cottage/ Sandpiper Restaurant
0:35 White Stone @ Town Hall
0:40 Kilmarnock @ Virginia Commonwealth Bank/ATM
0:42 Kilmarnock @ NN Burger
0:44 Kilmarnock @ Public Parking
0:50 Kilmarnock @ Chesapeake Boat Basin & Marina (Limited Stops)
0:50-0:55 Kilmarnock @ W.F Booth and Sons/ Public Parking
0:52 Kilmarnock @ Town Centre Park
0:56 Kilmarnock @ Stevie’s Ice Cream/Chesapeake Commons shopping center
0:58 Kilmarnock @ Walmart

Chesapeake Boat Basin Stops

1686 Waverly Ave, Kilmarnock, VA 22482


4:50 pm First pick up

6:50 pm

9:50 pm Final drop off


9:50 am First pick up

12:50 pm

4:50 pm

6:50 pm

9:50 pm Final drop off

If you are interested in renting the Triangle Trolley for your special event, please call Virginia Rides at 540-338-7285.

Interested in renting the Triangle Trolley?

Call Virginia Rides at 540-338-7285 for your special event!