Doing Business in Kilmarnock

Kilmarnock has traditionally been the commercial center of the lower Northern Neck and starting a business in Kilmarnock requires only a few steps. Building permits and land disturbing permits are issued at the county level. A Kilmarnock zoning permit must be issued prior to receiving a building permit.

Business Licenses are required within the Kilmarnock town limits. Kilmarnock has a Business, Professional and Occupational License Tax which is  due on May 1. The tax is based on the gross receipts for the preceding year from any business, profession or trade and includes fees, commissions, brokerage charges, discounts, sales and services. A penalty of 10 % will become due after May 1 for failure to pay the license tax. Beginning July 1 of each year, 8% interest will be added monthly for delinquent license taxes.

This flow chart outlines the basic requirements. Please call the Town office (804-435-1552) with further questions.





Zoning Permit application

Utilities Account Application
Utility Facility and Connection Fees
Utility Rates for In-Town Locations
Utility Rates for Out of Town Locations
Sign Permit