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The Kilmarnock Farmers Market at Town Centre Park is a traditional farm to table and bay to table market. The vision of this market is to create a place where fresh items from the farms and bay are available for our community by our community.

Hours of Operation:
4th Saturday of the Month, Starting May 25th and ending October 26th
** Date change for August: NEW DATE August 17th
Times: 9 a.m til 1 p.m.

Kilmarnock Town Centre Park
150 N. Main Street, Kilmarnock VA 22482
See Map for choices of Vendor locations.

Space and Cost Information:
Season passes will be offered for those who would like to sell at all 6 markets, if paid by April 30th. Season pass holders will get first rights to under Pavillion and all promotional and advertising spaces. This money will be used for Market promotions. NO SEASON PASS WILL BE SOLD AFTER 5/16/2018

$100.00 for space parking (Before 4/30/19) Buy 5 get 1 FREE
$120.00 for under Pavillion (After 5/1/19) Deadline of 5/16/2018
$125.00 for under Pavillion Space (Before 4/30/19) Buy 5 get 1 FREE
$150.00 for under Pavillion Space (After 5/1/19) Deadline of 5/16/2018

Individual market attendance can only be paid day of (CASH ONLY) market. Please contact market manager to let them know you are coming.
$20.00 per Saturday and an additional $5.00 (if space allows) under Pavillion

Kilmarnock Farmers Market
Attn: Ashley Jones
PO Box 1357
Kilmarnock, VA 22482

1. Market selling hours will be from 9:00 a.m til 1 p.m on the 4th Saturdays & 3rd Saturday of August.
2. The market will proceed “rain or shine.”
3. All vendors will complete the “Vendor Application” and receive approval from the Market Manager prior to market day.
4. Vendors with pre-paid space are encouraged to contact the Market Manager prior to market day if they will be unable to attend. A vendor will be considered a no show if they are not on site by 8:30 am. If a vendor is a no show on more than one occasion, they will be subject to forfeiture of their space for the duration of the season, with NO REFUND of fees.
5. Vendors shall supply their own display table and materials for their space and all assistance in setting up and operating their space. All displays and signs must be kept within the vendor’s designated area.
6. Vendors may begin to set-up at 7:45am. Only those with Pavillion spots are allowed to leave their vehicle in the Pavillion during Market hours. Otherwise, all vehicles not being used for sales of goods are expected to be out of the barricaded market area from 9:00 a.m to 1 p.m . These vehicles should be parked some distance from the Market area to permit customer parking close to the Market.
7. No crying out or “hawking” of products will be allowed. This means NO yelling to obtain customers to your station.
8. Vendors are responsible for clean up of their own debris after market closing. Trash, debris and leftover produce
removed by the Market Committee will result in a minimum charge of $25.00. Any such cleaning charge must be paid prior
to the next market date or the vendor will not be allowed to set-up. Space and pre-paid fees will be forfeited.
9. Vendors are responsible for following the laws of the Commonwealth of Virginia, Lancaster County, and the Town of Kilmarnock, for example: health, insurance, etc. Also regulations pertaining to labeling, packaging and storage of eggs, jams, jellies, honey, baked goods, and etc. must be followed. All products sold must meet local and state health regulations. All prepared foods vendor’s kitchens must be inspected by Virginia health inspectors and all labeling must be in compliance with the regulations. Vendors selling prepared foods, fish, meat, and cheese must have a copy of their inspection form on file with the Town of Kilmarnock. All local, state, and federal taxes are the sole responsibility of the seller.
10. Each vendor is expected to fairly price his or her goods. Complaints by other vendors will result in a review by the
Market Manager, and unless corrected, the vendor may be asked to leave and forfeit their space and fee for the day.
11. Vendors are strongly encouraged to prominently display prices of all items offered for sale.
12. Sharing of vending space will be on approval of the Market Manager.
13. The Market Manager is permitted to randomly inspect products offered for sale.

Products Offered For Sale:
We are a harvesters/producers-only market. You must grow, raise, harvest (for wild caught seafood)or make the product you sell. Re-selling of purchased items is prohibited.

Agricultural and Food Products
1. Commercial “jobbing” (retailing) or resale of commercially processed or packaged food products is not allowed.
2. Cider, honey, molasses, and eggs must be packaged, labeled and stored in accordance with local health regulations. Baked goods, dried products and canned fruit preserves, jams, and jellies should be prepared by the vendor and packaged,
labeled and stored in accordance with local health regulations.
3. Vendors must provide refrigeration/adequate temperature control for any baked goods which require refrigeration. This includes, but is not limited to soft, cream or meringue topped pies, cream and custard filled bakery products.
4. Vendors must provide refrigeration/adequate temperature control for any meats and seafood products.
If you have any questions about your products for sale please contact Ashley Jones at 804-435-1552 EXT. 30

Examples of Types of Merchandise:
1. PRODUCE: Locally raised produce, fruits, vegetables, plants, flowers, nuts, herbs, and edible mushrooms.
2. CANNED GOODS: Highly acidified canned goods, pickles, beets, honey, molasses, jams and jellies, etc. Compliance with all Health Department and Department of Agriculture guidelines and restrictions is the sole responsibility of the vendor.
3. MEATS: Meats must be processed in a USDA inspected facility and have a Department of Agriculture stamp (except poultry). All meat inspections are the responsibility of the vendor.
4. BAKED GOODS: Baked items from a certified kitchen. This includes, but is not limited to breads, cakes, brownies,
cookies, and fruit pies.
5. DAIRY: Locally-produced eggs, milk and cheeses. Producer must furnish adequate refrigeration and must meet state and local health regulations.
6. NURSERY STOCK: Fresh cut flowers, potted plants, annuals, perennials, bedding plants, Christmas trees and plant byproducts.
7. SEAFOOD: Locally caught and meets all Health Department guidelines and restrictions is the sole responsibility of the vendor. The Market Manger has authority to inspect the origin of any items sold at the Market to ensure that such sales conform with Market Standards.

Lease Agreements and Assignment of Space:
1. All vendors must contact the Market Manager before engaging in business or occupying space at the Market. The Market Manager will assign space and collect fees.All vendors must contact the Market Manager and pay in full before occupying a space at the Market..
2. Vending space size will be determined by the Market Manager and may change over the course of the season in
response to the number of applying vendors. Regardless of width of space, a 10 foot aisle in the Pavillion must be kept clear of produce and display items for pedestrian/customer use.
3. The Market Manager reserves the right to cancel any lease, and to change space allocations when it is considered to be in the best interest of the Market operation.
4. Available spaces shall be rented on a first-come, first-served basis and shall be assigned by the Market Manager.
5. Vendors must be on-site and set up no later than fifteen minutes before the Market’s scheduled opening or risk losing their site to another vendor. If running late, any paid vendor may reserve his/her spot by calling the Market Manager no later than fifteen minutes before the Market’s scheduled opening on market day.
6. All vendors shall be held responsible for the actions of their employees, agents or persons working in concert with their stand.

License, Taxes and Permits:
1. Any person using the Farmer’s Market for the purposes of selling or offering for sale any items on the premises must comply with all applicable Federal, State and local ordinances.
2. The collection and filing of all related taxes will be the responsibility of the individual vendor.
3. Town Code Exempts Agricultural Products from Business Licensing (Sec. 14-77. – Exceptions) This division shall not apply to the sale or offer for sale of ice, wood, charcoal, meats, milk, butter, eggs, poultry, fish, oysters, game, vegetables, fruits or other family supplies of a perishable nature or farm products grown or produced by the seller and not purchased for sale. A dairyman may sell and deliver milk, butter, cream and eggs without procuring a peddler’s license. Code 1980, § 7-4-4(b); Code 1997, § 14-77)

Sanitation, Health and Safety:
1. The Town of Kilmarnock has existing trash bins for the goers of the market, this is NOT for the vendors waste. It is the vendors responsibility to remove their trash to the onsite dumpster.
2. ABSOLUTELY NO SMOKING UNDERNEATH THE COVERED PAVILLION. Anyone who smokes will be required to smoke in designated smoking areas. Vendors who do not obey the no smoking policy will be asked to leave immediately.
3. The vendors will be responsible for the collection and removal of all refuse generated from sales and activity at their space.
4. Each vendor is responsible for leaving his/her space clean at the end of Market.
5. It is unlawful to sell or consume alcoholic beverages on the Market property.
6. Vendors must keep all merchandise, refuse and personal property within the defined space allocated in their rental agreements.
7. Potentially hazardous food items (meats, poultry, etc.) stored or displayed prior to sale shall be maintained at a
temperature of 45 degrees F or below. An ice chest with a drain can be used for cooling.
8. No vendor shall permit seepage or leakage of water or fluids from any part of their space into the public areas or other vendors’ spaces.
9. Children under 14 years of age must be supervised by an adult at the Market. Bicycles, scooters, skateboards and other similar devices are prohibited in Town Centre Park.
10. Vendors are responsible for the individual safeguarding of their products, supplies and money. The Market Manager,and the Town of Kilmarnock shall not be held responsible for any loss or theft.
11. Vendor (lessee) agrees to protect and hold the Market Committee (lessor), and the Town of Kilmarnock harmless and to indemnify the lessor from any and all claims, demands, suits, actions, judgments and recoveries for or on account of damage, theft or injury (including death) to property or person occurring as a result of lessee’s use of the leased property and any other cause whatsoever.

1. Vendors must provide their own equipment and any set-up materials for display of items.
2. No vendor shall be allowed to make any changes or alterations to their assigned spaces without permission from the Market Manager.
3. Use of electricity and water is permitted only with permission from the Market Manager. Water spigots shall be locked at the end of the Market hours.
4. No vendor shall erect an additional structure at the market.
5. Any needed repairs, hazardous conditions or problems in the Market area should be reported to the Market Manager. Persons causing damage to the Pavillion structure or landscaping shall be held financially liable for the cost of repair or replacement.

1. Proper dress and an orderly space will be expected from all vendors. Proper language for a family atmosphere will be required.
2. It is the responsibility of vendors to satisfy customer complaints. Market Manager may cancel a vendor’s lease in the case of multiple customer complaints or if vendor activity jeopardizes the smooth running of the Market.
3. No person shall make a public outcry, do “hawking” or give any musical or other entertainment for the purpose of drawing customers or attracting attention without prior permission from the Market Committee.
4. No open flames (grills) are permitted on Market property.
5. The Market Manager has the authority to terminate the lease of any vendor who fails to comply with the rules and
regulations of the Town Centre Park Farmers Market.

1. Vendor spaces will be assigned and reserved for the vendors’ use only. Vendors are not permitted to park overnight in the Market area in preparation for the next day’s sales. Only the assigned vendor may sell from and park in their reserved space.
2. All vehicles must enter and leave the Market area through the provided entrances and exits. Vendors will be expected to respect the parking regulations established by the Town of Kilmarnock and to park in such a way as to keep Market traffic
lanes open for travel. This will be enforced by the Market Manager.
3. Each vendor must drive in a careful manner and at a rate of speed that does not endanger the property or persons in and around the Market.
4. Handicap parking is provided in the clearly-marked spaces and is not to be used for vendor parking.