On Line Payments PayByCreditCard

Kilmarnock offers the convenience of on-line bill paying. The following types of payments can  be made through our website, using your debit or credit card:

  • Utility Bills for Water and Sewer Services (due every 2 months)
  • Real Estate Tax Bills (due annually in December)
  • Personal Property Taxes

For tax and utility payments, we now accept VISA, Mastercard, Discover and American Express credit cards as well as STAR, PULSE, NYCE and VISA debit cards on-line. “E checks” or electronic check transactions are also available and have the lowest convenience fee.

Also, you may now pay by  credit or debit cards at the Town office. However, at this time, we are not able to accept American Express.

Whether you’re paying on line or in person, when using a credit or debit card there is a “convenience fee” applied to each transaction. These fees are charged by the credit and debit card companies and their processors.

Virginia municipalities are not allowed, by state law, to absorb these charges so they are necessarily passed on to the payer.

Convenience Fees for on-line payments:

2.95% on credit cards

$3.95 for VISA debit cards

$1.05  flat fee for E-check (electronic bank account debit)

Payments are applied the same day as entered and appear as a charge from “Town of Kilmarnock” on your account statement.