Emergency Responders

Kilmarnock Police Department

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The Kilmarnock Police Department provides law enforcement services for the Town of Kilmarnock. The police department provides professional emergency services including control of vehicular traffic and investigation of criminal activity. The department also supports and participates in community-based educational and prevention programs.

Additionally, the police department participates with the Lancaster County Sheriff’s Department and other law enforcement agencies to provide specialty services for situations as they occur.  Please contact us with any questions, comments or concerns.

911 Emergency

(804-435-1200 Non-emergency) 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Monday through Friday

Kilmarnock Volunteer Fire Department

KVFD web

The mission of this all volunteer organization is the protection and preservation of life and property during fires and emergencies. KVFD serves the Town of Kilmarnock plus portions of Lancaster and Northumberland counties as well as supporting neighboring volunteer fire departments.

911 Emergency: (804-435-1332 Non-emergency)

Please send comments and questions about the Kilmarnock Volunteer Fire Department to:

  • Chris Crowther – President , Ryan Gordon – Vice President , Roy Hall Jr – Chief
  • Kilmarnock Volunteer Fire Department
  • 71 School Street
  • P.O. Box 1295
  • Kilmarnock, VA  22482

Kilmarnock Lancaster County Volunteer Rescue Squad

k'k lancaster rescue squad web

  • President: Craig Rice
    Vice President: Jim Kelly
    Captain: Dawn Thompsen
    Secretary: JW Luttrell
    Treasurer: Harry Tayloe
    Parliamentarian: Erik Brown
  • P.O. Box 333
  • Kilmarnock, VA 22482

911 Emergency: (804-435-1474 Non-emergency)

The principal purpose of the Squad is to provide emergency medical care and transport, for the citizens of Kilmarnock, White Stone, Irvington, and the lower parts of Lancaster and Northumberland counties. The Squad will answer all calls for emergency assistance and will provide emergency care and transportation to the closest hospital as necessary.

Reverse 9-1-1

Community Notification System (Reverse 911)

Lancaster County has implemented an automated notification system as a means to alert citizens of incidents and hazardous conditions that may warrant protective or precautionary measures. The system, also known as “Reverse 911”, utilizes the existing E-911 telephone number database to send out recorded messages. These notification messages can be sent county-wide or to specific geographic areas within the county, depending on the size and scope of the incident or hazadard.

All landline telephone numbers are included in the Reverse 911 calling database by default. Mobile telephone numbers and e-mail addresses can also be added to the system. Citizens wishing to register their mobile telephone number and/or e-mail address with Lancaster County’s Community Notification System may do so by completing this online form.