Kilmarnock’s Enterprise Zone

Click here  for a downloadable map: Kilmarnock’s enterprise zone parcels approved 2010

What’s an Enterprise Zone?

Enterprise Zones are physical parcels that are eligible for economic incentives, either State and\or local, based on meeting certain criteria.

Established by the General Assembly in 1982, the Virginia Enterprise Zone program is a partnership between state and local government that stimulates job creation and private investment within designated areas throughout the state. Currently, Virginia has more than 50 designated enterprise zones. Kilmarnock’s parcels are part of the Northern Neck Enterprise Zone. Parcels are eligible for State and local incentives. Please go to the Virginia Enterprise Zone site for specific information on the Commonwealth’s requirements.

The above map shows the more than 700 acres within Kilmarnock’s boundaries that are part of the EZ and eligible for incentives. To meet the requirements for local incentives, the parcel must be developed such that $250,000 in real property investment is made or two, full time equivalent, jobs are created.

Three incentives are available:

  • a reduction in the Business, Professional and Occupational tax (often called the Business License tax),
  • a reduction in water and sewer rates (up to 1 million gallons per billing cycle) and
  • a rebate in water\sewer facilities and connection fees.

For more details, download our EZ Information Packet 01 2014 and Incentives calculator (requires Microsoft Excel 97-2003 or higher). For  more information, email or call 804.435.1552 ext.25.