Comprehensive Plan

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Your Town… Your Plan…

The Town of Kilmarnock is beginning the process of updating its Comprehensive Plan.  As a resident, business owner, or person of interest, you have a right and an obligation to be part of planning Kilmarnock’s future.  This is your Community.

A Comprehensive Plan is a very important community planning tool.  It is the blueprint of our community development and identifies the goals, objectives, guidelines, policies, standards and devices for the immediate and long range protection, enhancement, and growth of our community. It is composed of topics such as Land Use, Economic Development, Housing, Transportation, Public Services, and Preservation.

The current Kilmarnock Comprehensive Plan was created in 2013-14 by the Planning Commission, and adopted  by the Town Council on April 21, 2014. It presents a vision for the future in the areas of the economy, commerce, growth and the use of land, preservation, housing transportation and public services.

For more information on Kilmarnock’s current and previous  Comprehensive Plans, click on the link below.

 2014 Comprehensive Plan

2006 Comprehensive Plan